Demosys (Development Monitoring System) is a web-based project monitoring tool. It’s specially focused on projects driven by business stories like Agile methods (eXtreme Programming…) or iterative methods.

Demosys can be use by every actors of the project (developers, project managers, clients, …) so that it can enhanced communication between them.

Main features

Demosys’ main features are :

  • publishing information : reporting, metrics
  • different visualizations based on persons’ roles
  • dynamic communication space (similar to wiki)
  • can be easily deployed
  • generative data structure

Demosys and others

Demosys is similar to XPlanner and XPWeb, but differs on :

  • semantic data regrouping
  • the data model can be adapted to specific project needs

Demosys is based on Java, Jsp, Struts, Xml/Xslt, JDO (Castor), DBMS (MySql), Web Services, JMX, Maven.


For the moment, no distribution have been published !